Statement from Bea Bruske: Canada’s unions stand in solidarity with federal public service workers’ right to strike

April 19, 2023

Bea Bruske, President of the Canadian Labour Congress, released the following statement in solidarity with PSAC members going on strike tomorrow:

OTTAWA – Canada’s unions fully support federal public service workers’ right to strike. By refusing to provide the working conditions that federal public service workers deserve, the federal government is lowering the bar to rock bottom for every worker in Canada.   

With 155,000 PSAC members on strike there is no doubt that public services will be impacted. These workers play a key role in delivering services Canadians depend on. They are maintenance workers, food inspectors, cleaners, and cooks. They are the people we rely on to get our passports and that guide us through Employment Insurance applications.  

PSAC members have been without a contract for nearly two years because the government kept stalling and outright refused to address workers’ priorities. Federal public service workers are facing a one-two punch of stagnant wages and the climbing cost of living.

The government’s revenues rose with inflation, and they can afford to treat their employees fairly. Now, it’s up to the government to make a reasonable offer to PSAC members, one that sets the bar for all workers in Canada.

Canada’s unions are sending a strong message: We stand in solidarity with PSAC members. We are united and we won’t back down. 

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