Canada’s unions release sustainable jobs blueprint

September 29, 2023

OTTAWA––The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) has partnered with the Pembina Institute to develop a blueprint for the creation of good, sustainable jobs. The first report, Governance recommendations to support Canada’s clean energy workforce and economy, outlines a governance framework aimed at supporting workers in the shift to a sustainable economy. 

“Workers from coast-to-coast are ready to get to work and contribute to building a strong, sustainable economy. This report provides a comprehensive framework for government action to support workers in this critical undertaking,” said Bea Bruske, President of the CLC. “Canada’s unions expect, and will continue to press for, swift government action to provide the tools and opportunities needed to make a sustainable future a reality.”  

The Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act, introduced in June, presents an important opportunity to protect workers, ensure new low-carbon jobs are high quality, and give workers a seat at the table as decisions are made about their futures. 

However, steps must be taken to ensure the legislation meets its potential. The report provides specific recommendations to strengthen the Act, including improving guiding principles, equipping the Sustainable Jobs Partnership Council with the tools needed to meaningfully shape Canada’s sustainable jobs strategy, and establishing an effective Secretariat to enhance policy integration, intergovernmental coordination, and worker support. Adopting these recommendations would ensure that the legislation supports workers and communities with a pathway to good, sustainable jobs. 

Bruske emphasized: “Workers are the linchpin in facilitating the shift toward a sustainable economy. But this shift will be impossible if we don’t prioritize fair and safe work, decent wages, and workers’ rights.” She added: “Through collaboration with workers, unions, and businesses, Canada can be a global leader in good, sustainable jobs and the fight against climate change.” 

The full report can be accessed here.  

The second installment in the Sustainable Jobs Blueprint Series is set to be released shortly and will focus on sustainable jobs policies that support workers and their communities. 

This project was funded by Natural Resources Canada. 


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