SOBLC Endorses Candidates in Penticton

September 25, 2022

The South Okanagan-Boundary Labour Council members work across supermarkets, governments, and industries in Penticton. Our council wants city councillors to make workers a priority and ensure they are able to afford and work in the City of Penticton. We are endorsing Isaac Gilbert for city council and Julius Bloomfield for mayor because they will ensure workers rights and jobs are protected.

Both Isaac and Julius support the Living Wage for Families Campaign and making the City of Penticton a living wage employer. A living wage ensures a family of four can afford housing, childcare, and benefits. Many municipalities like New Westminster and Vancouver are living wage employers. Being a living wage employer gives the employees of the city and workers contracted by the city a living wage.

They are both also making affordable housing a priority. Isaac wants cooperative housing to be developed in the city. Julius sees opportunities to build partnerships with non-profit societies to develop affordable rentals. Both want to use city owned land which will reduce rent costs by 20%.

The South Okanagan-Boundary Labour council wants to see positive and vibrant change for Penticton. We believe Isaac Gilbert for council and Julius Bloomfield for mayor will bring that much needed change.

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